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Pleasantville Lions Club

February 2009 MEETING – Minutes

 President John Curley called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM on Thursday, February 19, 2009 

Attendees:  Bill Schiavo, Toni Emerson, Bill Flooks, John Curley, Bill Monroe, Rob Billman, Dianne Sordini, Vinny Marino, John Apicelli, Patrick Creegan, Matt Jaros (new member). 

Guest: John Apicelli introduced his guest, Anthony D’Aria. 

Secretary: Bill Flooks, secretary, reported that he had ordered new membership kits.  Bill also reported having contacted Adam Stone, owner of “The Examiner”, to see if our Lions Club’s activities might be included in the newspaper and gain higher visibility in Pleasantville and surrounding communities. 

Treasurer: John Curley, in the absence of Brian Morrow, presented the Treasurer’s report, which showed $2568 in the YTD Charity Fund. 

Membership:  Patrick Creegan distributed a printout obtained from the LCI website, entitled “Lions Club – History and     Facts”.  This will be useful when we seek new members.   John Curley mailed a letter to Wendy Siegel inviting her to our March dinner/meeting.   Ms. Siegel has been proposed for membership by Bert Ruiz.   John used material from the “Lions Club – History and Facts” printout. New Club member, Matt Jaros, attended this meeting and will be sworn in at the March meeting. 

Food Drive: Patrick proposed that our Club model a food drive after the Carmel/Kent Lions Club food drive that was highlighted in the February “Pride of the Lions”.  We could collect food at Key Food Marketplace to support the Interfaith Food Pantry, thereby supporting our community and being and example of the Lions motto, “We Serve”.   A motion was made, seconded and passed that we would sponsor a food drive periodically (e.g., quarterly) which would be chaired by Patrick Creegan.   Interested members should contact Patrick. 

SEE Program: Toni Emerson reported that we received word form SEE-Buffalo that 10 of our 19 screenings at the Pleasantville Children’s Center need to be retaken.   Children were not “fixing” their eyes on the camera when being photographed.  Toni and Bill Monroe will attend a Valhalla Lions SEE screening session on February 24th to observe their techniques, since they have done over 1600 successful screenings.  We might also invite someone from the Valhalla club to observe one of our screenings and offer suggestions. 

Toni has scheduled the following screenings:

                March 11… Crossroads (16 students) – Toni Emerson, Dianne Sordini, Bill Monroe

                March 18… Oak Lane (15 students, Chappaqua) – Toni, Dianne and possibly, Brian Morrow

                April 1…      Oak Lane (16 students, Chappaqua) – Toni, two other members are needed for this date 

Toni also reported that feedback from parents is that they are very excited about the program. 

Pleasantville Day: Bill Flooks, chairman, stated that pre-sale of raffle tickets are planned at the Pasta Supper.   Potential raffle prizes include a television, a WII, dinner for two at Mediterraneo, dinner for two at The Iron Horse and, hopefully, tickets to a Yankee game. 

Pasta Supper:  Bill Flooks has emailed Terry Kolodzinski inquiring about our possibly using Pace University this year for our Pasta Supper.   No specific date has been established for the Supper.  It was suggested that our Club might participate/serve a Supper during the May “Relay for Life” at Pace University, but no decision was made. 

Horseshoe Tournament: Rob Billman and John Apicelli, co-chairmen, reported that they would contact potential participants from the 2008 Tournament using email addresses obtained last year.   September 2009 (date to be determined) is the scheduled month and the Interfaith Food Pantry is the proposed recipient of proceeds. 

President’s Report:  John Curley reported that…

  . Sleepy Hollow is forming a District 20R1 Lions Club and will hold its charter night on March 13 (4pm – 8pm).  A motion was made, seconded and passed that our Club donate a bell ($150 plus shipping/handling) to their new club.

  . Adam Stone/Martin Wilbur (editor, The Examiner) have been approached to speak at a future meeting.   Also, Bill Monroe will contact “The Guiding Eyes for the Blind” and propose a dog and handler attend a future meeting.

 . John Curley will research possibilities for our Club erecting a Lions sign at some entrance to Pleasantville.

  . As a member of the Chamber of Commerce, our club has been asked to vote on the 2008 Pleasantville Business Person of the Year.   The candidates were Shane McGaffey (PCTV), Lucio Rocca (Lucio’s Pizza) and Yvonne VanCort/Roy Solomon (Village Bookstore).  By vote, the Club selected Yvonne VanCort/Roy Solomon.

  . Patrick Creegan will send out an email notifying Club members when the spring cleanup date is for the Vacation Camp for the Blind. 

The meeting was concluded at 9:15pm. 

Respectfully submitted,    

Rob Billman and Bill Monroe





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